Intro to Woodworking,  Saturday, Oct 3

Intro to Woodworking, Saturday, Oct 3

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Intro to Woodworking is a one day intensive class designed for an aspiring beginner, or intermediate woodworker.  We will cover wood technology, joinery techniques, shop machine use, sharpening, workbench methods and much more.  We start the day with a chalk board lecture then move into milling a “perfect board” using the table saw, joiner and planer.  Then, onto the bench room where students will layout and hand cut mortise and tenon joints with provided Poplar stock material.  Afterwords, we will have an open time to explore various hand tools and a Q and A session.  The day is rounded off with a hand cut dovetail demonstration.  

This class is the prerequisite for the Handcut Dovetail Class the following weekend.